A Safari With Us

During the course of a safari with us, you will experience fascinating bird’s-eye views of shipwreck remains along the coast, diverse and ever-changing geological formations and the refuges of desert-dwelling animals such as the endangered black rhino and desert-adapted elephant. As our guest, you are taken on excursions by Land Rover to be introduced to the scenic and ecological aspects of the environment with its wide diversity of flora and fauna.

Accommodation consists of three fully equipped tented desert camps, which nestle into the natural environment. The first of these is in the lower reaches of the Huab River in the Erongo Region (Damaraland), the second on top of a beautiful ridge overlooking the  Hoarusib Valley in the Kunene Region (Kaokoland), and the third on the north-western Namibian border overlooking the Kunene River.

A few of the highlights are:
  • A desolate coastline with adjoining roaring dunes
  • Ugab rock formations
  • Colorful red lava and yellow sandstone of the Huab environs
  • Ancient Bushman rock engravings
  • The living “fossil” tree, Welwitschia Mirabilis
  • Visit to a settlement of the nomadic Himba people
  • Panoramic vistas of the Hartmann Valley, which extends to the Kunene River on the Angolan border

Where it all started

Louw SchoemanLouw Schoeman, an attorney by profession, initially came to know the Skeleton Coast through his clients who were involved in prospecting, and researching the feasibility of a new harbour in the area. Plans for the latter thankfully fell through, by which time Louw knew, and loved, the area very well. His thoughts turned to conservation, and he was instrumental in the proclamation of the Skeleton Coast Park in 1971. The Schoeman  offspring spent their childhood days (early sixties) exploring and playing among the remains of old wooden ship wrecks and natural wonders of the Skeleton Coast. When Louw officially started Skeleton Coast Safaris in 1977, the now teenaged Schoeman offspring often accompanied safari groups. From their father they learnt to love and understand the complexity of the desert, its fauna and flora. They also gleaned from him the more practical skills of driving in the roaring dunes, and how to introduce the wonders of this amazing desert to perfect strangers.

Today's Team

The Schoeman children, who in the intervening years acquired and expanded on their father’s expertise and vast background knowledge of the Skeleton Coast and adjacent regions, took over management of the enterprise in 1994. The late Louw Schoeman’s enthusiasm and passion for the desert rubbed off on the youngsters.

Today, middle-aged and wiser for it, the Schoemans are rated as experts on the Skeleton Coast and semi-desert areas of Namibia. They have followed in the footsteps of their father who, at the time, was considered the pioneer of ecotourism in Namibia. They all fully believe that the future of country not only rests with tourism and the preservation of wildlife, but also in protecting the natural resources and wilderness areas of Namibia. They take great delight in sharing their intimate understanding and knowledge of the Skeleton Coast with their visitors.

Bertus Schoeman

the oldest of the Schoeman brothers, involved in Skeleton Coast Safaris together with his father since the company’s inception in 1977. He assisted Louw as a guide for a year before joining the South African Air Force for military service in 1978. After completing his service in 1981, he went to the University of Stellenbosch where he took a degree in Geology. The knowledge gained at varsity is used extensively in this geologist and archeologist’s paradise when entertaining guests, and educating other guides. Bertus has been flying since the age of 17 and completed his commercial pilot’s license a few years later. His other company responsibilities include handling accounting matters, assisting with all computer related issues and managing the staff.

Hobbies and interests: photography, mountain biking, diving, computers, electronics, astronomy and Science Fiction.

Bertus is married to Helga, an IT specialist and keen pilot in her own right, joining tours occasionally.

André Schoeman

the second eldest brother, André joined the company just after finishing his BCom degree at the University of Stellenbosch in 1987. He spent a number of years serving in the SA Air Force. His flying hours and experience are extensive and versatile. Similar to Bertus, he obtained his private pilot’s license before obtaining his driver’s license at the age of 18, completing his commercial license a few years later.

André’s love for the desert is evident in his extensive knowledge of the Flora and Fauna of the area. As a combat pilot during the bush war in the late 70’s, he had the opportunity to intensively explore the Northern areas of Namibia, as well as bordering Angola.

This experience proved very useful at a later stage of his life when he joined Louw in the
business. Together they could discover areas that had most likely never been explored by modern man. His experience together with knowledge he gained at University is put to good use as he plays a major part in the operations and strategic planning of the business.

His wife Jeanita manages our Uisib camp close to the Etosha National Park.

Hobbies and interests : Caving and farming.

André and Jeanita have two sons, Kyle and Garlomel and two daughters, Cindel and Jurieanke.

Leon Schoeman

the third eldest of the Schoeman siblings, and a Fitter and Turner by trade. He obtained his flying license at a very early age, and joined Skeleton Coast Safaris officially in1994.


Prior to joining the company, he operated a successful workshop part-time, whilst working full-time for a big distillery in the Cape.

Léon is brilliant with people, and often helps out as a guide, testing our fleet in “operation”. Although much of his time is occupied by his other company commitments, he has a keen passion for the desert, being the one who discovered the rock paintings at Kuidas camp.

His main responsibility is our very large, efficiently run workshop in Windhoek.

This fully equipped workshop maintains a fleet of more than 30 vehicles, mainly Land Rovers, and builds specialized structures for the different needs of the camps.

Land Rovers are stripped to the ground, and rebuilt to Leon’s stringent specifications to suit our unique needs in the desert. Due to the nature of his responsibility, he spends a great deal of time driving to the various camps, checking the fleet and helping with the rigging of structures. He’s the practical designer of the family, and has a solution for every problem.

Hobbies and interests : reading and sketching.

Léon is a married to Ute, who is the Stock and Quality Controller for the three camps.

Henk Schoeman

the youngest of the Schoeman clan, joined Skeleton Coast Safaris in the early 90’s. Although the youngest, he benefitted tremendously from all the mistakes his brothers have made over the years. All of them were in charge of his “guide-education”.

Due to the end of the political struggle in Southern Africa, he was exempted from military service, thereby giving him some extra years early in his life for his education and service with Skeleton Coast Safaris. Louw insisted that all the Schoeman offspring should have some after-school qualification, so Henk qualified and worked as a motor mechanic for a few years before joining the business.

Although he is a full-time guide, he is also indispensable to Leon with helping to maintain the fleet on site.
He completed his private pilot’s license at a young age, followed by his commercial license.

Henk is the artistic one in the family. He helps with color schemes, and creating interesting menus when needed.

Hobbies and interests : photography (special interest in the flora and fauna of the desert), computers, model aircraft, entertaining people and cooking.

Henk is married to Anita, who occasionally accompanies her husband on trips to the Skeleton Coast.

Ute Schoeman

Stock & Food and Beverage Manager

Ute, is responsible for the purchasing including sourcing, order and transporting the food and beverage to the camps. She contributes to the design and update of menus and planning thereof, she ensures that our guest’s needs are addressed and attended to, and that the service is always of high standard with regards to special dietary requirements. Ute is married to Leon Schoeman, the third born of the Schoeman clan.

Anita Schoeman

Flight Operations Manager

Anita Schoeman was born and raised in Windhoek, she studied Travel consulting after school but has develop a passion in handling aircraft while working as a check-in manager at Windhoek International Airport.

Her responsibilities are to ensure that the aircraft are maintained, checked and ready to take you on a journey of a lifetime.

She is married to Henk Schoeman, they have two boys, Louw (7 years old) and Alexander (3 years old).

I do enjoy reading and spending time with my family.

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