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Safari A – Skeleton Coast Safari

Four days & three nights

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The Skeleton Coast, which starts south of the Orange River, includes the whole Namibian coastline and continues across the Kunene River some 200 km into Angola. It is part of the Namib Desert, various sections of which have conservation status, namely the Namib-Naukluft Park in the south, the Skeleton Coast Park in the north (between the Ugab and the Kunene rivers) and the Iona Park in Angola. The coastline and adjoining Namib Desert form a sparsely populated area with landscape, animal and plant diversity, which varies from region to region.


The Schoeman Family

The Schoeman children, who in the intervening years acquired and expanded on their father’s expertise and vast background knowledge of the Skeleton Coast and adjacent regions, took over management of the enterprise in 1994. The late Louw Schoeman’s enthusiasm and passion for the desert rubbed off on the youngsters.

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