About the Safaris

Our introduction by aircraft to the Namib Desert and coastline is one of the highlights of the safari. Although several game species occur in these regions, it must be borne in mind that the prime purpose of these safaris is to experience the freedom, beauty and strange solitude of the area. Seeing game is therefore always considered a bonus.

When to go

Our safaris are conducted throughout the year.


Due to the fog belt, which is often present, the climate at the coast tends to vary considerably. Temperatures never drop below freezing point, but warm and cold temperatures (6 – 36 degrees Celsius, 43 – 97 degrees Fahrenheit) may be experienced. It should be noted that even in summer cool temperatures, rather than hot, are the norm. Temperatures in the interior, although warm in the mornings, usually start cooling off in the afternoons. The lack of moisture, a clear night sky and consequent rapid radiation of heat, give rise to chilly nights.


What to pack

Bring only safari-type clothing and personal toiletries. It is essential that clothing adaptable to both warm and cold temperatures be brought along. Recommended clothing, fit for wearing in layers, includes:

* T-shirts
* Long-sleeved cotton shirts
* Shorts
* Trousers/jeans,
* A sweater/jersey
* A warm jacket such as an Anorak/ Windbreaker is essential.

A basic laundry service is offered at each camp.

Other essentials include:
* Good-quality sunglasses
* A wide brimmed hat
* Light walking shoes
* Sandals
* Sun block
* Binoculars


This area is a photographer’s paradise; therefore camera equipment and lots of extra film is a must. Because of the remoteness of the wilderness areas, purchasing extra film whilst on tour is unfortunately impossible. It is possible to charge batteries overnight at our camps; therefore enough batteries are needed for at least a full day of photography. Guests need to supply the appropriate battery charger unit for their specific batteries.

Accommodation and Food

Guests are accommodated in exclusive, privately owned, fully equipped tented camps. The camps are comfortable and well equipped, and each is situated in a spot carefully chosen for its unique beauty.Accommodation itself consists of comfortable tents with en suite bucket showers and flush toilets. All other necessary camping equipment like bedding, lamps, torches, mirrors, towels and soap are provided. Likewise all food, including fresh fruit and vegetables, soft drinks, fruit juices, beer, wine and a wide assortment of alcoholic beverages are supplied.  Please inform us of any special dietary needs when making your reservation.

Pick-up, drop-off & Transfers

As outlined in the general information section, it is more advantageous for participants on the safari to start from Windhoek. The pick-up of passengers in the southern Namib Desert at places such as the Sossusvlei area is possible without detracting significantly from the safari. The pick-up of passengers from Swakopmund, without the introductory part of the safari, is possible for Safari type A only. The pick-up of passengers in the northern part of Namibia from places such as the Etosha National Park, would diminish the safari experience and is therefore not an option.

The drop-off of passengers after a Skeleton Coast Safari to places in northern Namibia such as the Etosha National Park or even Swakopmund can be arranged at special request. Drop-off at places in the southern parts of Namibia is not possible due to limited daylight flying hours.

Transfers can be arranged from any Windhoek hotel to Eros Airport and vice versa upon request.

Baggage and Weight Restrictions

In the interest of your safety as well as in compliance with the safety regulations applicable to air transport in Namibia, the following weight limitations are strenuously applied and are not negotiable. Light aircraft are used for travelling the long distances during the safari, and luggage space is very limited. You are requested to travel as lightly and compactly as possible.  A maximum of 10kg (22lbs) of luggage is allowed per person, packed in soft, flexible travelling bags. This excludes camera equipment of approximately 2kg (4.4lb). No hard and bulky suitcases will be accommodated, nor will bags with wheels or any solid sides. Ideal dimensions for a soft bag are 60 x 40 x 40cm (24 x 16 x 16 in).

Visitors who exceed the above limit will be required to make alternative arrangements for their excess luggage. These may involve substantial costs associated with hiring an extra charter aircraft and will be for the expense of the individual.

A single traveller weighing more than 90kg, or two guests travelling together with a combined weight of more than 180kg, should please notify us of their weight at the time of making their reservation.

Health & Safety

All aircraft are flown by experienced commercial pilots. HF Radio transmitters ensure that communication with the camps and/or Windhoek is always possible and is maintained for the duration of the safari.

A medical flight rescue service stationed in Windhoek is on 24 hours’ standby for all medical emergencies.
Malaria seldom occurs in the desert regions. Nevertheless, it is recommended that visitors take the necessary precautions and seek medical advice before departing.
All guests are required to cover themselves with cancellation, default, baggage, emergency evacuation and medical insurance for the duration of the trip.

Amendments to programme

The safaris are conducted in an exceptionally beautiful and interesting environment, but the terrain is generally wild, undeveloped and sometimes even rough. It is far from civilization and there is no infrastructure and few roads. Because of our long-standing knowledge and experience of the terrain, the weather and other conditions in these areas, and because the safety of our guests and their maximum enjoyment are priorities, WE AT ALL TIMES RESERVE THE RIGHT TO CHANGE WITHIN REASON THE PROGRAMME AND/OR ITS SEQUENCE SO AS TO ADAPT TO WEATHER CONDITIONS, OTHER CONSIDERATIONS AND CIRCUMSTANCES WHICH MAY ARISE.

Group Size

We confirm tours for groups consisting of a minimum of two and a maximum of eight people. Special requests for groups larger than eight people can be accommodated. If the number exceeds twelve people however, the group may have to be separated and split into smaller safari groups. These groups will then run concurrently, using camps in succession.


A group consisting of two or more people may reserve any departure date at will. The safari will be confirmed by our organization if we have the resources available to conduct a safari on that particular date.
Booking is possible up to 24 hours before departure. Therefore, even at short notice, please contact our organization to obtain the present state of departure dates.

Private Safaris and Additional Itineraries

Private safaris are available on special request to our reservations office in Windhoek.

For groups of four per aircraft it is also possible to extend a stay to two nights at our Kuidas or Kunene camps, in order to relax and explore the surroundings in greater detail. Should you wish an extended stay in Namibia over and above one of our safaris, please ask our reservations office for additional itinerary ideas.

Age restrictions

We have no upper age restriction on our fly-in safaris and children are welcome. Kindly notify us well in advance of the ages of children in order for us to make the necessary arrangements.
We regret that there are no discounted rates for children.


Skeleton Coast fly in safaris reserves the right to cancel without notice any reservation in respect of which the required 25% deposit has not been received. This non-refundable deposit is payable on confirmation of the booking; 7 days from date of invoice.
Skeleton Coast Safaris reserves the right to cancel, without notice, any reservation in respect of which the balance of the payment is not received.
The balance is payable 30 days prior to departure.
These shall be considered cancelations, and NOT postponements.

45 – 30 days prior to departure, 100% of the full price is payable, which may be negotiated on a case-by-case basis depending on the “Covid-19 Climate”.   Once the payment has been processed, No refund shall be considered

Any Postponement made 30 days or less prior to planned departure, shall forfeit the All payments, and a 100% Cancelation fee is expected.

For Postponements / Cancellations made more than 30 days prior to Departure, the deposits shall be non-refundable, and is NOT transferable


Skeleton Coast Safaris (the Company), nor any person, agent acting for, through or on behalf of the Company, do not accept responsibility for any deaths, injury or illness sustained or suffered by any person, or theft, loss or damage to any property, occurring within or arising from situations under its control howsoever caused, and whether allegedly due to the negligence of Skeleton Coast Safaris (the Company), or any of their staff or agents, or arising from the use of any facilities made available.

Enroute to Sossusvlei


Enroute to Swakopmund

Enroute to Kuidas camp

Kuidas camp

Enroute to Terrace Bay

Terrace Bay

Enroute to Leylandsdrift camp

Leylandsdrift camp

Enroute to Kunene camp

Kunene Camp

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